Figure improvement

To improve your figure and best support your goals, we offer various weight loss treatments and courses. You can also join us for the protein diet and personal training Plan your appointment and together we will determine what best suits your needs.

LPG Endermologie

Do you prefer a natural process to break down fat deposits? Then choose LPG endermologie. This is a painless mechanical connective tissue massage to combat cellulite.

Endermologie also focuses on regaining firmer skin. Your skin is essentially "awakened." Cells that are not active and responsible for fat accumulation are reactivated through natural cell stimulation.

As a result, aesthetic imperfections such as cellulite, as well as wrinkles, stretch marks, loose skin, visibly diminish. The result here, too, is the lasting, firmer skin you desire.

Universal contour wrap

Would you like to lose a few centimeters quickly and easily? Then Universal Contour Wrap is the solution for you. It's a body detox while you relax for an hour.

It's a real boost for the body. It helps eliminate toxic substances from your body through the detoxification process. The skin is cleansed, and dead skin cells are removed. This improves the skin texture and makes cellulite less visible.

The skin instantly feels tighter and firmer. It's highly effective, especially if you opt for a series of 3 treatments. This will ensure that centimeters remain visibly reduced, and the results stay optimal.


Do you suffer from stubborn, painful cellulite? Or do you have a little belly fat that you can't get rid of? Then cavitation is the recommended method to combat these localized fat accumulations.

Cavitation is currently the only method suitable for treating stubborn cellulite. It not only removes fat but also causes the fat cells to shrink. The painful irregularities on the skin become less visible. Ultimately, this results in a lasting firmer body.

Cavitation is a technique that reduces small, localized fat deposits in a safe and non-invasive way. It is completely painless and safe. With this treatment, you can improve your figure without the scars of surgery.

Slimming at Spa Différent

At Spa Différent, we blend our expertise into expert advice to slim down healthily and get your figure back in shape. A weight loss program or weight loss goal = a personalized approach and specialized follow-up. We are happy to give you personal advice during the intake interview, supplemented by a figure analysis.

We have several treatments to work with you to reach your goal. Depending on your motivation, gender, situation and goals, we always work out a personal program for you. During a weight loss intake consultation, we will look together at the best treatments for your question. The intake interview costs €50 and is refundable if you book a treatment.

Reducing your pounds is best done with Pro10 protein diet under guidance. For tight buttocks and a flat stomach, cavitation and/or LPG is the most effective. Universal Contour Wrap allows you to lose a few inches in a quick way. Great for a party or as a start to weight loss journey. Want to get back a fit, energetic, supple and pain-free body? Come the along to exercise under the guidance of a personal coach.

Stubborn local cellulite, fat deposits can be treated with the cavitation. If you suffer from heavy legs or fluid accumulation in your legs then LPG endermologie is the solution to this. Perfect for getting back tighter legs. With LPG endermology , we can also tone your arms, abdomen, legs, …. Or are you looking for a relaxing, soothing treatment of your back, legs, calves, in short your entire body. You can do the same with our relaxing LPG treatments.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the treatment or weight loss process. We always figure out together what is the best treatment for you. We are very happy to give you personal and professional advice so you can feel good about yourself again !