Opleiding LPG voltooid

What is LPG endermology?

With LPG endermology, we take on the fight for natural beauty. The LPG gives a boost to your energy system. It is a mechanical connective tissue massage called endermology. This treatment makes it possible to reactivate the metabolism in a natural and painless way.

As a result, it tightens the skin, breaks down localized fat and reduces cellulite. Fat deposits are broken down by a natural process and the skin becomes firmer and healthier due to the promoted production of collagen and elastin.

What is LPG endermology?

With the Alliance device’s LPG technologies, different layers of skin can be treated. By which we can improve both sagging, blood and lymph circulation, cellulite, fat storage. Through the new technology of the treatment head, a combination of roller and flap can be used throughout the treatment to work on firming, tighter skin, cellulite and fat breakdown. Of course, all treatments are personalized by my knowledge as a licensed LPG expert.

The treatment feels like a firm and painless massage of the skin, subcutaneous and connective tissue. This skin exercise improves the structure of connective tissue, promotes blood flow and stimulates the removal of waste products. As a result, the treatment also has adetoxifying effect as well as a relaxing feeling. The treatment causes a natural process that breaks down fat deposits, stimulates collagen and elastin making you healthier and firmer.

Roadmap to a personalized LPG treatment

Intake interview and figure analysis

Before we start treatment, we first go through an intake together. I like to listen to your concerns, what you would like to improve, what bothers you. We go over the contraindications. Then I will look at the areas to be treated and analyze your skin texture to create a treatment program tailored to your goals.

Donning endermowear

After the analysis, you put on a personalized treatment outfit, endermowear. This is for an even more qualitative treatment that provides a deep grip, more intense feeling, ideal comfort and optimal tissue visibility during endermology treatments. And, of course, for hygiene.

Your personalized endermology treatment

After you are installed on the treatment table, we gently move the treatment head over the entire body or over the areas you wish to treat using specific techniques. This should not hurt at all. The only thing you may feel is relaxation.

Follow-up and follow-up appointments

For optimal results, you will need between 10 and 15 turns. After each treatment, we schedule another appointment or we schedule 10 appointments immediately. In addition to the treatment, you will receive advice to optimize the treatment with nutritional supplements and LPG’s cosmetics. In fact, research has shown that when you combine the treatments with the specialized LPG cosmetics you get 50% more return from your treatment.

Is LPG endermology for everyone?

Lipomassage or endermology is suitable for everyone: women, men, athletes… It is perfect for those who would like to lose inches, are already slim but still have a problem area, to address sagging skin, to reduce your cellulite or to relieve heavy legs.

The treatments are therefore also great for pregnant women, young mothers, athletes who want to tone their bodies or for men who want their love handles to disappear and, of course, for anyone who wants to be tight in their body again!

Balanced diet, exercise and LPG treatments

Although the treatments work even without diet and exercise, it is still important that you choose a healthy and active lifestyle. We recommend drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet (remember the 80/20 rule) and getting plenty of exercise.

LPG endermology boosts your energy system like you do sports. Or what is constantly happening in your body we are going to boost. During the treatment, more energy is released by sending free fatty acids to the muscles. To start burning these free fatty acids or extra energy, it is important to walk for 30 minutes after the treatment or ask about a fun hiit workout, we know some fun ones.

We recommend treating 2x a week at the start of the treatment program. After about 3 to 5 treatments, the skin will feel looser and softer. Firming results occur after about 8 treatments. Depending on your desired results, you will need 10 to 15 turns.

Personalized treatments

lpg gepers behandelingen

Despite exercising, being active, or following a diet, do you still struggle with stubborn localized fat deposits that are challenging to reduce?

LPG endermologie allows targeting these fat cells, addressing areas like your arms, back, abdomen, waist, thighs, love handles, etc., with precise customization to meet the needs of each skin type.

The result: enhanced fat elimination, leading to a visibly slimmer and firmer silhouette. Acceleration of lipolysis or fat breakdown: +70%.

LPG endermology price

Option Price
Intake with 1° treatment €65
LPG cellulite treatment (30 min.) €65
LPG detox/heavy legs (30 min.) €65
LPG young mom (30 min.): €65
LPG relaxation €65
LPG 20 min (2 zones) €45
LPG 30 min. (2 or 3 zones) €65
LPG 40 min. (2 to 4 zones) €85
Endermowear: €30
10 turns LPG 20 min. €400
10 turns LPG 30 min. €600
10 turns LPG 40 min. €800