About Spa Différent

About Spa Différent

Annelies and Steve

We are Annelies and Steve, happily married and the managers of Spa Différent. We started together in 2010 and in the meantime Spa Différent has become well established in Ypres and the surrounding area. We both know what we want and that makes us a fun duo together with some challenges at times.


From an early age, I have had a fascination with our skin, the largest organ of our body. The skin is so interesting, you can tell by the skin what lifestyle a person has. That’s why I always analyze the skin to find out how to improve it. I keep looking for new trends to improve my skin and my lifestyle even more. When I find something that works well I like to introduce the customers to it. I always want to try something myself before applying it to someone else. I love the Pro Power Peel the most along with the Microneedling and of course, I am regularly on the table myself for a cellulite treatment from the LPG. I could not live without the Skin Dynamic SPF 50, Daily glycolic cleanser and the Retinol from Dermalogica.

Besides my work, I am addicted to running, fast walking and strength training in our gym. I also lost my heart to Brussels. I love flowers, nice fragrances and sneakers. I love spending time with my family immensely. For a restaurant visit, I’m also always up for business…..


Ever since I was little, I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I was really instilled with it. Both my grandparents had an independent business, a body shop and a lingerie store. I decided to start in a side business with the Powerplate but soon I realized that this was my thing, I was going into business. Several years later, I looked for a building myself to start a wellness center and beauty institute. When a little later Annelies joined, the beauty institute soon became an institute for skin improvement, massages and spa treatments. I took the trainer B course in athletics. Because of that knowledge, I started a gym where I coach clients to step through the day-to-day life fitter and pain-free. I get satisfaction from my work by always ensuring that people are satisfied from the treatments.

I love running with Annelies. I also go out very graat and with nice glass of wine, Annelies is always bob. Family is also important to me, always fun to do something together.