Universal Contour Wrap

Universal Contour Wrap is the scientifically proven detox treatment with centimeter loss. This treatment guarantees a loss of a minimum of 15 cm in just 2 hours! The perfect solution to look peaky for a special occasion. Or to get a kick-start when starting a diet?

The treatment removes toxins from adipose tissue and activates the lymphatic system. The body gets rid of all toxins which also stimulates your metabolism. This detox will make your cellulite and stretch marks less visible and firm the skin. After one session, you lose between 15 and 40 cm of body circumference on average.

Originally, this treatment was used in medicine for liver and kidney patients, psoriasis and eczema. Now the Universal Contour Wrap is a unique detox treatment for men and women.

What is the Universal Contour Wrap?

By wrapping your skin with warm, elastic wraps of classic clay solution combined with specific body wrap techniques, toxins are removed from the body. The hot clay is going to remove waste products from your fat layer and the windel technique stimulates your lymphatic system. This is the way to detoxify your body, a real detox for your body.

With this detox, you won’t actually lose weight but you will effectively lose inches. The treatment also removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling softer. It also has a beneficial effect on cellulite and stretch marks making this treatment tighten your skin. which also makes you lose inches. This treatment removes dead skin cells, cleanses the skin, detoxifies your body and tightens your skin.

The Universal Contour Wrap treatment guarantees you a cm loss of at least 15cm after the first treatment, or you don’t have to pay. So you have nothing to lose, other than inches of course!

Roadmap Universal Contour Wrap

Let us take you through the flow that is the same with every laser treatment.
UCW Stap 1

Intake interview and measurement of your body

We go over a short medical questionnaire together and determine which body areas want a little more attention. The specific winding technique allows us to put extra focus on certain areas. Then you are measured at 18 different body sites.

Stap 2 UCW

Body wrapping

The windels are soaked and warmed in classic clay solution, a mineral-rich clay solution, one hour before treatment. This is going to take care of the detox of your body. With specific body wrap lifting techniques, you will be completely complex, from head to toe (we can omit the head if you prefer).

Stap 3 UCW

Detoxifying your body

Then a suit is put on over the windels so you won’t get cold. During the packing you can relax for an hour. The clay soaks into your pores and will detoxify your body. During this hour you can rest, read a book or have your skin treated with a facial.

stap 4 UCW

Unwinding and follow-up

After 60 minutes, the windings are removed again. This will feel a bit chilly but we provide a nice warm towel and a warm treatment room. Then you will be measured back in the exact same places and enjoy your cm loss and silky smooth skin. For a real kickstart and optimal results, we recommend a course of 3 turns with an interval of 7 to 10 days.

Universal Contour Wrap against cellulite and stretch marks

The treatment is not only great for people looking for immediate inch loss. It is also effective in fighting cellulite and stretch marks. In fact, it reduces sagging skin, which can occur after pregnancy or weight loss, for example.

For skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, etc., the UCW also has a positive effect. On a regular basis a treatment of the Universal Contour Wrap can maintain and even improve the quality of the skin.

UCW after pregnancy

It is best to wait 6 weeks after a normal delivery and about 6 months (ask your doctor for advice) after a cesarean section to perform this treatment. It is a very good way to tone back the bust, as well as soften stretch marks.

During the breastfeeding period, warm bandages around the breasts can slightly stimulate the production of milk. The clay in no way harms the milk. You can always ask not to tighten the bandages too hard or not to apply bandages to that area.

Benefits of the Universal Contour Wrap

  • Toxins are removed from your body giving your body a detox but also detoxifying your liver and kidneys.
  • It is a great start or support to a healthy lifestyle.
  • It supports or boosts you during a weight-loss process.
  • Your skin is softer, smoother and feels much tighter due to the exfoliating ingredients.
  • It’s a relaxing treatment, just some me-time.
  • After medication, it is also highly recommended to rid the body of toxins.
  • It gives a boost to your metabolism, more energy and better fat burning due to the detox.
  • Your pants and dresses are a little less tight.
  • Healthy body = healthy mind = boost for your self-confidence

What results can I expect?

Because the body is subject to a lot of toxins both from internal and external factors, we recommend starting with course of 3 turns with 7 to 10 days in between. You can easily lose 15 to 40 cm per treatment.

Diet, environmental pollution and unhealthy living and eating habits cause the body to start accumulating toxins again. Therefore, we recommend having the treatment once every 2-3 months .

Unlike many other centimeter loss treatments, UCW does not work on fluid loss to obtain the remarkable cm loss. You are advised to drink plenty of water after the treatment to promote the detoxification process and cm loss

Important to know before and after your treatment

  • Before the treatment, take a hot shower with soap or scrub. You don’t use body cream or body oil.
  • You also do not use deodorant on the day of treatment so that your pores are clear.
  • Because the clay further absorbs into the pores after the treatment, you should not exercise intensively, bathe or sauna the day of the treatment and 2 days after. You may, however, rinse your body with lukewarm water without the soap (only where needed).
  • After the treatment drink at least 1.5 l. of flat water, no coffee or tea and try to eat healthy food (not high in fat and salt)
  • For effective treatment, we recommend 3 treatments as a course of treatment.

Universal Countour Wrap price

Per treatment

€ 95

Course of 3 treatments

€ 270