Personal Training

As a personal trainer, I focus entirely on your needs. This is how we work together toward achieving your personal goals.

  • Want to get stronger physically and mentally?
  • Want more energy and to get back fit?
  • Want to tone your body?
  • Want less back pain?
  • Do you want less chronic pain?
  • Want to move more?

Would you like to be guided step by step to reach your goal? Or do you really want to get rid of that back pain?

About myself as a personal trainer

My name is Steve and I am a personal trainer who wants to work with you on your goals in a focused way, at your pace. My previous relevant expertise has allowed me to develop into the personal trainer I am today.

Thus, I already have 15 years of experience as a Personal Powerplate Coach, I have been active as an athletic trainer (Trainer B) for 9 years, and I continue to attend continuing education at the Flemish Trainers School. My years of experience mean that, as a personal coach, I can provide customized guidance to each person and tune in to exactly what the client needs.

Body Screening
  • I completely map out your body to tailor a training schedule.
  • When taking a 10- or 22-turn card, this amount is refunded.
10-turn card personal training
  • Maximum with four people
22-hour card personal training
  • Maximum with four people

Grow physically and mentally? It can be done!

As a personal trainer, I guide my clients with proper exercise and sports. This is done from the basis of movement. Here, pain relief and fatigue are addressed effectively.

With coaching, I then try to improve the mobility and strength of the body and take it to the next level. This can reduce physical pain and fatigue, as well as emotional and psychological symptoms.

Together with you, I map out your exact symptoms and needs. By fleshing out the topic and your needs, I paint a picture of the request for help and, as a personal trainer, I work with you to see exactly what we can do for each other. Thus, your personal goals become the focus throughout the course.

A personalized approach

We achieve these personal goals by identifying which exercises best suit you. We think solution-oriented for your problem. With us no classic fitness equipment but functional workouts. In your personal journey, therefore, variety will play an important role.

You will be introduced to different approaches to training. That way, you’ll discover what feels most comfortable and motivates you. Therefore, it is important that you too provide feedback so I can make adjustments to reach your goal correctly, without injury.

In addition, during a personal track, the emphasis is on repetition. This ensures that you can make the necessary progress and thus achieve our set goals. Focusing on what feels right for you, combined with sufficient repetition, ultimately ensures optimal results and satisfaction.

The power of a personal trainer

Why should you come and train with us? You are worth going through life fit and energetic every day regardless of your age, your complaints, your pain. Personal training with us is:

  • Proper coaching and motivation, by Steve and fellow athletes (max. 4)
  • A customized training schedule, you are not left to your own devices,
  • Focused work toward your goal through functional training (no fitness equipment)
  • Less chance of injuries, you will receive professional guidance the entire workout
  • Being guided step by step, at your own pace

Personal Training Rates

Body screening and test session40 euros (free when purchasing a session card)
10-sessions card250 euros
22-sessions card500 euros

What do our customers say?


    Client - Personal Training

    "After my back surgery, my physiotherapist referred me to Steve. She realized that I needed more (guided) training than physiotherapy. Steve conducted a thorough assessment first to determine my capabilities and identify weaknesses. I had very little strength on the left side; I couldn't stand on the left leg alone. I lacked pelvic stability. I couldn't walk properly; I limped. Through a slow and targeted progression of intensive exercises, I can now walk properly again. The muscles on my left side have gained a lot of strength, and the difference from when I started is significant. I'm already taking brisk walks again. I'm very happy; I'm making good progress here! Thanks, Steve! This is actually real rehabilitation."