Facial Care

Facial treatments at Spa Différent

Skin, it’s dynamic. We treat it all.

Are you looking for a treatment that delivers real results? Each skin condition, skin type or skin concern requires a personalized, targeted treatment. Whether you suffer from pimples, dehydrated skin or you want to work on reducing and preventing (prematurely) aging skin. Spa Différent offers dynamic formulas and professional treatments for every skin condition. Let our skin expert look at your face.

Every skin is different, which is why Dermalogica’s treatments and skin care routines are tailored to your skin needs. Each treatment is always preceded by a Facemapping skin analysis. This allows Annelies, your skin expert, to perform the facial treatment on you that your skin needs at that time. What produces fantastic results in someone else does not always produce the same results in you. Therefore, only personalized treatments can be booked. At the time of the appointment, we will then work together to determine what treatment(s) are possible for your skin.

Pimples, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles or red skin. We treat it all.

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Personalized facial treatments

Facemapping – skin analysis

A professional, precise skin analysis that maps the skin's condition by carefully examining each zone of the face. Your Skin Expert analyzes your skin and creates a customized treatment and product advice.

This analysis and an extensive intake conversation are performed with every treatment, so we can always work tailor-made. We focus on skin improvement and combine result-oriented treatments with product advice for home use.

Tailored to your skin.

30 minutes

60 euro

(Free with a purchase of at least 60 euros worth of Dermalogica products or with a treatment)

Proskin 60

A personalized 60-minute treatment focused on skin improvement and results. Targeting a specific area or condition that requires extra attention. Whether you want to address impurities, skin aging, hyperpigmentation, or dehydration: the treatment is fully customized to your personal skin condition and preferences after the consultation and Face Mapping skin analysis.

If you haven't been to Spa Différent before, choose the Pro Skin 60, a treatment to prepare your skin for possible treatment programs.

Tailored to your skin.

 75 minutes

 from 105 euro

Targeted facial treatments

Pro Bright

PRO Bright is an intensive 3-step service to boost the absorption of Vitamin C. This powerful ingredient provides immediate skin brightening. Dark spots are reduced, and your complexion becomes more even. The PRO Bright treatment results in a brighter, smoother skin texture. Perfect for skin with hyperpigmentation or blemishes.

60 minutes

149 euro

Brightens the skin, reduces pigmentation spots, evens out the complexion.

Pro Firm

The PRO Firm treatment is an intensive treatment that lifts, tightens, and refines the face and neck. The use of various massage techniques can slow down and reduce skin aging. The active ingredients smooth out fine lines. A perfect treatment to address skin aging.

60 minutes

149 euro

Tightens the skin, refines lines, provides a lift.

Pro Calm

PRO Calm is an intensely soothing treatment. The focus is on calming and strengthening sensitive skin. Irritated, sensitive skin is relieved, and redness is reduced. In addition, the skin barrier is strengthened and balanced. The result is a hydrated skin that feels soothed, comfortable, and less irritated.

60 minutes

 149 euro

Reduces redness, balances the skin, soothes, and hydrates.

Pro Clear

Pro Clear is an intensive treatment that looks at the cause and triggers of your acne. Pro Clear addresses all types of pimples, from blackheads to active pimples, with professional ingredients and skin-soothing techniques. The skin is thoroughly disinfected, and inflammation after pimples is calmed. Ideal for reducing acne, resulting in clear and even skin.

 60 minutes

 149 euro

Deep cleansing, removes impurities, hydrates, and soothes.

Advanced treatments

Pro power peel

Our strongest and fastest chemical peel. This unique peel with three different acids offers deep exfoliation that is 100% tailored to your skin. This treatment effectively targets discoloration, texture, fine lines, and imperfections. Ideal for giving a boost to dull skin, acne-prone and blemished skin, and pigmentation.

 30 or 60 minutes

 79 euro or 129 euro

Evens out the skin, fades wrinkles and lines, brightens the skin, gives the skin a boost.

Pro microneedling

Pro microneedling is the most advanced professional treatment to address and minimize hyperpigmentation, lines, wrinkles, and visible large pores. This treatment combines innovative equipment with ultra-fine needles and powerful professional active ingredients to brighten the complexion, refine pores, reduce dark spots, and fade fine lines and wrinkles.

 30 or 50 minutes

 99 euro or 149 euro

Fades acne scars, stimulates collagen production, fades lines and wrinkles, tightens the skin.

BT-nano - firm and lift your skin

An express treatment with immediate results. A microcurrent treatment is exceptionally effective for firming and lifting the skin. The treatment is suitable for almost all skin types and provides significant value for skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and dehydration. BT-nano offers various treatments. BT-cocktail lift for firming the eyebrow and cheek area, and the Invisible expression for addressing lines on the forehead and around the eyes. These treatments are also referred to as non-surgical facelifts. By focusing on muscle firming, lengthening, or shortening in combination with the deep delivery of active ingredients into the skin, it achieves:

  • instantly improves skin elasticity
  • immediate reduction of fine lines and expression wrinkles
  • intense hydration
  • fresh complexion and radiance

For this treatment, a minimum of 10 sessions is required, spread over 5 weeks. This means 2 sessions once a week, followed by maintenance with 1 session once week.

 30 or 60 minutes

 75 euro or 130 euro

Lifting of the skin, muscle firming, reduction of fine lines, intense hydration.

LPG ergolift - Fitness for your skin

By means of a specially designed treatment head for the face, pleasant micro tapping movements are made on the skin surface. This intensely stimulates the skin. The endermologie technique reactivates dormant cells in your skin and puts them back to work. The production of collagen, elastin (+46%), and hyaluronic acid (+80%) increases, giving the skin volume, making it smoother, and better able to withstand muscle contractions that cause expression lines. It is a pleasant, 100% natural treatment without risks or side effects. The treatment is effective against:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Double chin
  • Dull skin
  • Under-eye bags
  • Sagging skin
  • After facelift or eyelid surgery

For this treatment, a course of a minimum of 10 sessions is required, which we spread over 5 weeks. This means 2 sessions per week initially, followed by maintenance with 1 session per week.

 40 minutes

 65 euro

Fades acne scars, stimulates collagen production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, tightens the skin.