Treatment Rituals

Live a unique and unforgettable experience thanks to the combination of a body scrub, body wrap, facial, body massages and bath ritual. The treatment rituals allow you to enjoy a combination of treatments and massages depending on the benefits you are looking for.

Be guided through a particular part of the world and experience all the secrets and unforgettable scents for pure pleasure and well-being for 1 hour or more. And enjoy soft, delicately scented skin.

Japanese bath with aromas and flowers

Treat yourself to a moment of profound relaxation with this Japanese bath ceremony and enjoy the benefits of a unique combination of essential oils, colors, and fresh rose petals. This ritual awakens the senses, promoting a perfect balance between body and mind.

1 or 2 persons

50 euro

30 min

stimulerende scrub behandeling

Stimulating aromatic herbal scrub

This complete treatment, based on relaxing techniques, provides a refreshed, relaxed, and tranquil feeling that you take home with you. To achieve this, the treatment combines massage techniques on reflex zones of your face, neck, and shoulders.

1 person

50 euro

30 min

zuiverende scrub behandeling

Purifying scrub with black Beldi soap

Experience the essence of Eastern tradition. We've blended this ancient recipe with the exfoliating power of the kessa glove for a deeply purified, soft, satin-like, and beautifully scented skin. This treatment is exclusively performed in combination with the purifying detoxifying Rassoul cream wrap. You'll also receive the kessa glove to take home.

1 person

50 euro

30 min

zuiverende pakking aanbrengen

Purifying, detoxifying wrap with Rassoul cream

Let yourself be transported to the heart of the magical world of Morocco and its traditions, for a revitalized, silky-smooth skin thanks to the detoxifying properties of this natural clay. This treatment is exclusively performed after a purifying scrub with black Beldi soap.

1 person

50 euro

30 min

Oriental ritual of the back

  • Purifying scrub of the back with black Beldi soap
  • Purifying, detoxifying pack of the back with Rassoul cream
  • Relaxing back massage of 20 minutes
  • Available solo or in duo

1 person

95 euro

45 min

Ritual for well-being and relaxation

  • Japanese bath with aromas and flowers
  • Relaxing 20-minute back massage
  • Relaxing 20-minute facial, neck, and shoulder massage
  • Available in duo only

2 persons

230 euro


Zalig Balinees ritueel

Balinese Ritual

  • Japanese bath with aromas and flowers
  • Relaxing 30-minute back massage
  • Cinq Mondes facial treatment (Bali Ritual 30 minutes)
  • Only available for couples

2 persons

250 euro


Luxury Ayurvedic Ritual

  • Japanese bath with aromas and flowers
  • Stimulating aromatic body scrub with herbs
  • Ayurvedic body massage of 60 minutes
  • Lifting and firming facial treatment massage 'KO BI DO' of 60 minutes
  • Only available for two people.

2 persons

470 euro


Enjoying with your partner or a friend

Want to really relax in a bath with fun soaps, pleasant scents and cool colors? And do you enjoy doing this with your partner or a friend? Then you can visit Spa Différent for an unforgettable experience that will delight your senses and leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

Our bathing rituals are based on those of other continents (Japan, Java, Morocco). In fact, there is a reason these rituals have been so popular for hundreds of years. They are pleasant experiences that bring all kinds of benefits.

Treatment rituals at Spa Différent

Our treatment rituals take you to a different part of the world each time. This way you really get away from your daily life and enjoy all the experiences this region has to offer. For example, you have various Oriental rituals that purify your body and rituals that focus more on rest and well-being.

Choose your favorite and get ready to have an enjoyable experience whose benefits you will take home with you. They restore your physical and mental energy. A treatment ritual is more than a moment of rest; you get rid of your stress completely. You’re all set to get back at it!

Schedule your treatment routine online or contact us to schedule it. You can always contact us for questions as well.

Bathing rituals at Spa Différent

Different parts of the world have several scents and soaps that typify them. What do they have in common? They each have a unique effect on your skin and it is a unique bathing experience. The Japanese bathing ceremony, for example, awakens your senses with essential oils, rose petals and appropriate colors.It also prepares your skin to receive the benefits of a body treatment or massage.

Are you ready to discover another part of the world (or several, of course) through their unique bathing rituals? Then schedule your visit online. Have questions? Feel free to send us a message, we would be happy to give you more information.