Wellness & Spa

After a busy work day or work week taking some time to relax, just escape the daily grind. Well-being at Spa Différent are the spa facilities, massages and treatment rituals from around the world that take you truly offline for a while.

Private sauna

Choose Spa Différent's private sauna if you want to enjoy a sauna with color therapy, Turkish steam bath, jacuzzi, cold plunge pool, and an intimate relaxation area with a fireplace, whether alone, with your partner, or with your friends. Don't be afraid to take some time for yourself and for each other. Enjoy this moment to recharge physically and mentally.

Would you like to enjoy our wellness without planning ahead? Feel free to check out our last-minute offers.

Wellness Rituals

Would you like to visit our private sauna and experience something unique and unforgettable? Let us take you on a journey through our wellness rituals. This includes a visit to the sauna with a relaxing duo massage, luxurious spa treatment, or a soothing bath filled with fragrances and rose petals. You can also add a delicious breakfast, a lovely lunch or dinner, or a bottle of bubbly to your experience.

Experience these deeply relaxing benefits for body and mind, so you can walk into your daily life with a fully charged 'battery.' La vie en rose.

Treatment Rituals

Let yourself be guided through different parts of the world, each with a unique sensory experience. These rituals have been hugely popular in their respective regions for hundreds of years. Pamper your body, face, and mind with sensory scrubs, gentle wraps, and a bath with essential oils for a soft, delicately perfumed skin that is ready to receive the benefits of a body massage.

These rituals are perfect for you if you want to completely relax, truly disconnect from the world, forget about everything, and simply enjoy. Treat yourself.


Let your senses discover the benefits of the best massages from around the world and various cultures. These sensory journeys offer you a unique escape through time and space for ultimate body hydration and deep relaxation for the mind. Intense scents, irresistible textures, and original protocols set it apart from the rest.

Immerse yourself in this unique moment for a lasting sense of tranquility and a sustained calming effect. We ensure that you completely unwind.

Unwind in our spa

Come visit our wellness in Ypres to escape the daily grind and recharge your battery again. Pure relaxation is done in one or more of our facilities, each of which has a special and specific effect on your body.

A visit to the sauna, a lovely bath with unique fragrances, a soothing massage that will loosen your tense muscles, a purifying scrub and wrap to remove dead skin cells and a nurturing facial massage. These make it possible to once completely unwind. Something we need these days, something on your to-do list.

This moment of peace is not an experience that lasts only a moment and is quickly over. The positive effects you take home with you, giving you a long-lasting relaxed feeling. A feeling that positively affects all aspects of your life, not only your physical feeling but also your mental well-being.

Need a rest after a busy work week? Looking to escape the weekly grind? Or have you had a long day and want to really unwind? Stop by Spa Différent where you can come to yourself in our intimate spaces. Our wellness experiences are not only relaxing but also good for your body.

Last minute wellness

Also looking to turn off the work button or family button last minute and do nothing for a while and think about nothing. Something too rare in everyday life but when you do it you want to do it right. Spa Différent just provides this ultimate, unique and unforgettable experience, unlike anything else.

We have an intimate private wellness where you can cozy up. Or would you prefer relaxing massages or treatment rites. These experiences not only relax you, they are also good for your health. Our treatment rituals not only provide peace of mind but they also highlight your beauty, allowing you to go through life confidently.

Looking for a last-minute wellness moment? Check them out below, you’re sure to find something for you or yours.

Benefits of wellness

Wellness not only gives you a feeling of relaxation, warmth, affection but also has a lot of physical benefits. We list them briefly for you:

Our massages loosen your tense muscles, giving you back a relaxed body and mind. If you still want to take full advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy during your treatment routine? Prepare your skin with Cinq Mondes’ aromatic scrub or Japanese bath. These treatments make your skin super soft and radiant. And fully ready to receive the benefits of your massage.

Our wellness experiences, like our massages, have a number of benefits for your body and mind. Consider, for example, our private sauna that improves your blood circulation, reduces your stress, detoxifies your body and improves your resistance.

Also curious about these benefits. Come experience it for yourself at our wellness in Ypres. You will go home completely convinced, confident and relaxed.

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'Open sesame' gift set

This gift set includes our delicious dry body oil and energizing Eau de l'Atlas. The body oil nourishes the skin and Eau de l'Atlas delicately perfumes the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wellness is the pursuit of balance, both mentally and physically. Modern individuals often achieve this through the use of saunas, spas, Turkish steam baths, massages, and more. It is a moment of complete relaxation, usually accompanied by various health or beauty benefits.