LPG Ergolift is a machine that smooths vertical wrinkles, reduces crow’s feet and firms the skin of the face. This in an efficient, non-aggressive manner. It is a 100% natural anti-aging technique that everyone can enjoy, both women and men of any age.

Benefits of LPG Ergolift

The treatment has numerous benefits for your face. We list them briefly:

This treatment plumps up your skin and reduces signs of aging. It is the only treatment that can stimulate the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

Why choose this treatment?

Over the years, your skin weakens and loses its firmness. This creates various wrinkles and folds, especially on your face. Sun exposure, obesity, pollution, stress and tobacco are factors that can cause this process to accelerate hard.

In turn, protecting your skin properly from the sun, eating healthy food and hydrating properly inhibit this process. It is 100% certain, however, that everyone will eventually struggle with the negative effects of aging.

And with that, the LPG Ergolift treatment can help! At Spa Différent, we have been performing this treatment professionally for years. This will also be the case with you. Ready to schedule your appointment?

LPG endermology treatments

LPG endermology treatments, LPG Ergolift included, improve your skin naturally. For 30 years, beauticians around the world have been using this technology.

The guarantee of LPG endermology? That there are no side effects or risks and that you always achieve the desired results. Furthermore, the treatments are tremendously relaxing. People fall asleep during treatment for a reason.