LPG Young Mothers

During pregnancy


In addition to nausea and other ailments due to the hormonal changes, some women tolerate the baby’s extra weight poorly and experience back pain. Treatment with the HUBER® 360 can relieve pain and tension through gentle strengthening of the postural muscles and specific stretching exercises.


To treat heavy legs and water retention caused by the pressure of the uterus on the surrounding blood vessels, endermologie® medical treatment proves to be an effective solution without drugs because it is 100% natural. Known for its draining action, the treatment activates eliminative functions and stimulates blood and lymph circulation, mobilizing nearly a liter of water* for immediate well-being.

After pregnancy


HUBER® 360 proposes a new way to train pelvic floor muscles.

After a comprehensive evaluation, the young mother starts exercises on the platform, directly in the upright position! The exercises on the HUBER work the deep muscles such as those of the pelvic floor without putting pressure on the organs and perineum. Incidentally, this exercise trains pelvic floor muscles and the abdominal muscles, combining postural correction without damaging the fibers of the perineum.

By mimicking many movements from everyday life, the HUBER® 360 is a real tool for young mothers in their new phase of life (walking, carrying the baby, etc.).


For the silhouette :

endermologie® médical helps to regain your pre-pregnancy silhouette. The different settings of the LPG treatment head allow the elimination of localized fats (+ 70 %)*, even those most resistant to physical exertion and diets. In addition to its slimming effect, the endermotherapy® treatment smooths cellulite even on areas with fibrosis and tightens sagging skin, which is due to child growth, by stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin. A complete treatment to reshape the silhouette !

To benefit from treatment, wait two stable cycles after your period returns.

At the cesarean section scar:

After a cesarean section, it is important to mobilize the tissues to guide the natural scarring process and prevent possible adhesions with frequent consequences: local pain, pelvic and lumbar spine pain, urinary tract problems…. Endermotherapy® sessions provide early and painless intervention to loosen adhesions, stimulate circulation and improve skin quality.