A microcurrent facial is a special electrotherapy that stimulates muscles in the face and also collagen production. This while leaving the epidermis completely intact. The treatment has a medical history, but today it is also used for cosmetic purposes. The result of this treatment is also known as a nonsurgical facelift.

The benefits of a microcurrent facial

A microcurrent facial is painless and has numerous positive effects on your face.

This treatment gives your sagging facial muscles their firmness back. In addition to this, your overly tight muscles will be relaxed without causing the muscles to visibly contract.

The treatment works on the golgi tendon bodies that control muscle tension. This causes mimic wrinkles to disappear and gives your face an elevator. This is because individual muscles are “pushed up” with movable electrodes through which the current passes.

Your skin tissue gets a boost in terms of firmness and health. Furthermore, microcurrent stimulates collagen production. This is because it affects your blood and lymph flow in a positive way.

The electronic impulses from the microcurrent device also increase protein synthesis by promoting cellular processes in your body.

When no microcurrent?

There are several situations in which it is better not to have the treatment done.

Microcurrent is painless

During treatment, most people do not feel anything. What may occur is that you experience some sort of slight tingling throughout the treatment. You will feel these mostly on your forehead or along your eyes.

There are many devices on the market that profile themselves as microcurrent, but actually are not. These supply too much current, causing your muscles to contract continuously. Have you had any uncomfortable experience with this treatment? Then chances are that the machine was supplying too much current .

12 treatments, 6 weeks?

We usually start with 12 treatments spread over 6 weeks. So this amounts to 2 treatments per week. Depending on the state of your muscles, more than 12 microcurrent facial treatments are required.

After the first 12 treatments are over, it is best to continue with maintenance treatments. You should preferably do this once a month. Are you over 50? Then we recommend a treatment every 2 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ja, dat kan. Andere behandelingen hebben weinig tot geen effect op de resultaten. Er zijn altijd uitzonderingen. We raden dus aan om je zeker eens te informeren bij een huidspecialist.