Dermalogica, we are skin experts. We read the skin.

Dermalogica is not fancy or luxurious. Dermalogica simply provides beautiful healthy skin. This innovative brand from America, founded in Los Angeles in 1986 by English beautician Jane Wurwand, is the undisputed No. 1 in professional skin care in more than 80 countries.

Dermalogica: how it all began

The success of Dermalogica began in 1983 when Jane emigrated to the U.S. with a skin therapy license in England in her pocket. Totally unfamiliar with the American world of “beauty therapists,” she discovered that advanced training in face and body treatments did not exist in America. So she and her husband Raymond founded International Dermal Institute (IDI). Today, the IDI is considered the top for postgraduate training in facial and body treatments. The IDI has more than 40 branches worldwide.

1986: the birth of Dermalogica

Jane Wurwand soon discovered that there was no product line on the market that matched her training and was entirely focused on healthy skin, not “beauty” . So she started developing her own products and that’s how Dermalogica was born in 1986. Her vision was clear: she wanted products that improve and make the skin healthy, without irritants and ingredients that can clog the skin and cause pimples (such as lanolin, denatured alcohol, dyes and perfume). In addition, products were not to be tested on animals and Dermalogica was to be available for sale only from qualified beauticians who had completed their advanced training at the International Dermal Institute. Dermalogica caused a huge stir in the beauty industry by putting skin improvement and healthy skin above beauty and glamour.

Main pillars: education and research

In addition to omitting common irritant ingredients, Dermalogica introduced another new element: the specialized knowledge of the professional skin expert. Dermalogica’s main pillars are education and research available to licensed beauticians. These aim to ensure that beauticians not only gain more (theoretical and practical) skin knowledge, but also that they can develop themselves into experts in the profession. All courses are developed by the IDI (International Dermal Institute).

Dermalogica worldwide

Dermalogica’s products are manufactured in America and sold only through institutes that employ professional skin experts trained by Dermalogica. The company has grown from a simple small space in Marina del Rey, California, to a 145,000-square-foot complex in Los Angeles, and now has branches of its own in more than 80 countries. Dermalogica’s vision has always remained the same: healthy skin thanks to a professionally trained beautician.